Classes of drivers license in Nigeria

Classes Of Drivers License In Nigeria

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There are ten classes of drivers license in Nigeria. But before we move further into these classes, let’s give a little explanation on what a drivers license is. A drivers license simply means a Legal document that confers on a person the right to drive.

Different classes of drivers license in Nigeria

Presently, the Nigerian drivers license has been categorized into ten classes and they are as follows A Class– motorcycle B Class– motor vehicle of less than three tonnes weight other than motorcycle, taxi, stage carriage or omnibus C Class– A motor vehicle of less than three tonnes gross weight other than motorcycle. D Class– motor vehicle other than motorcycle, taxi, stage carriage or omnibus excluding articulated vehicles drawing a trailer. E Class– A motor vehicle other than a motorcycle or articulated vehicles F Class– Agricultural machines and tractor G Class– Articulated vehicles H Class– Earth-moving vehicle J Class-special for physically handicapped person. V Class– convoy driving. This is a person engaged in driving senior government or political office holder in stream driving.

Categories of drivers license

The ten classes of drivers license are categorized into four and they were as follows

  • Green stripe– motorcycle
  • Blue stripe– private
  • Red stripe– commercial
  • Yellow stripe– diplomatic

Samples of classes and categories of drivers licenses in Nigeria

The different classes and categories of drivers license in Nigeria

Good to note that an individual hold more than one class of license on a single card.

Commercial drivers license

This type of drivers license is for professional drivers. Commercial drivers license procedure in Nigeria has few basic requirement.

  • The applicant for this type of drivers license must not be more than 26 years.
  • Must possess any of the other classes of drivers license excluding class J
  • The applicant must be a member of any transportation association or possess a letter of appointment as a driver.

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