Chemical fire extinguisher

Chemical Fire Extinguisher

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The chemical fire extinguisher stops fire majorly through altering the chemical reaction of the fire triangle that is fuel, oxygen and heat. Widely used fire extinguisher. Which is effective on extinguishing Class A, B and C type of fire

Classes Of Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Class A

Foam fire extinguisher

This class of fire extinguisher expels or generates foam, either using compress gas cartridge, chemically or mechanically. The chemical fire extinguishers are called “Turn-over” while the mechanical foam fire extinguisher are called “Air Faom Type “

Class C

CO2 fire extinguisher

This type expels vapor forming liquids or gass for example, carbon-dioxide, BCF etc.

Class D

Dry chemical powder fire extinguisher

Expels dry chemical powder. This is achieved by using stored gas pressure or gas cartridge.

Fire Extinguisher For Different Categories Of Vehicle

S/N Categories of vehicle No of extinguisher per vehicle Capacity of extinguisher
1 Taxi cab/private car 1 1 kg
2 Pick-up van 1 2 kg
3 Buses 1 2 kg
4 Luxury buses 2 6 kg
5 Lorry 2 6 kg
6 Articulated vehicles/Trailer 2 9 kg

How To Use Fire Extinguisher

  • Pull out the safety pin
  • Aim nozzle at the base of fire
  • Squeeze the trigger on top of extinguisher
  • Sweep fire with extinguishing medium by following the manufacturer’s instructions on the safe distance from which to fight the fire , usually about 6ft.
Using chemical fire extinguisher

Always check your fire extinguisher every morning as you check your engine oil and water level. Just to make sure that you are not carrying an expired fire extinguisher. Always keep your extinguishers in a cool dry place that can be easily reached by the driver.


Some people have this erroneous belief that in an automobile fire outbreak is inevitable and in most cases cannot be avoided. This is no true because majority of automobile fire outbreaks could be avoided or controlled but only if certain simple car fire safety precautions are observed, so that the damage or loss associated with fire disaster could be reduced. Also, teaching fire safety in schools should be greatly encouraged to catch them young.

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