Certification of driving school requirements

Certification Of Driving School Requirements

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If you are looking for the establishment and certification of driving school requirements in Nigeria, you have arrived. Before FRSC introduced the Driving School Standardization Program (DSSP), the operations of driving schools has not been harmonized and standardized as it is now. This has brought seriousness into the business. And more are been done to improve their operation. However, there are compulsory and other requirements needed to establish a standard driving school and they are.

Certification of driving school showing driving test

Certification Of Driving School Compulsory Requirements

The followings are the compulsory requirements

  • Classroom/Administrative office
  • Road worthy vehicle(s) for the driving instructions (dual control with name and address of the driving school must be boldly written on both sides of the vehicle
  • Open space/Driving range
A man placing caution signs along an open space driving range
  • A licensed driving instructor (s)
  • Course manual/Driving school training manual
  • Highway code
  • Traffic laws/Regulations handbooks
  • First aid facilities
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Internet facilities

Other Requirements

  • Driving simulator
Certification of driving school showing a driving simulator with a trainee and instructor
  • Road signs
  • Facilities library
  • Inspection pit/workshop
  • Television and Digital Video Disc player
  • Overhead projector
  • Model vision acuity test
  • Magnetic board
  • Safety tips handbooks
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