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Causes Of Road Accidents

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Most Traffic accidents are cause by one avoidable thing, they don’t just occur. Improving road safety awareness, adhering to traffic rules and regulations and good knowledge on the causes of road accidents will help us to avoid them. One can however assent that the attitude to road safety is a product on lack of awareness in terms of road safety education, absence of good or workable transport policy and perhaps lack of implementation. Road accident refers to a crash involving road user(s) such as vehicle, pedestrian, animal, ride or with another stationary object.

Causes of road accidents

The Various Causes Of Road Accidents

The causes of road accidents therefore fall under three major categories and they are; human, mechanical and environmental factors.

Causes of road accidents by human factor

The human factors constitutes about 80% of the causes of road traffic accidents. The common human factors include

Drunk driving /drug abuse:

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is something drivers must avoid that is if they must drive at that time. Alcohol and drugs are called stimulants. They distorts sense of judgment because of their hallucinating effect. However the result is that drivers will maneuver and engage in suicidal overtaking.

Poor eye sight/ bad vision:

Some accident occurs due to poor vision of varying degrees.

Psychological factor:

Fatigue, stress, tiredness are usually the common cause of death and injuries caused by accident.


Causes of road accidents through temperament

Aggression and intolerance are common features of an average road accident.

Poor skills/ illiteracy:

Road users inability to understand and apply the knowledge of road furniture, highway code, road signs, road markings,etc contributes in causes of road accidents.

Reliance on metaphysical powers:

Many drivers depend on RAIDS- Road Accident Immune Delusion Syndrome. This Syndrome has terminated many lives prematurely.


Carelessness, recklessness, over-speeding etc often results in road traffic accident.

Poor driving culture:

Commercial vehicles in some parts of Africa, tends to over load their vehicles. What happens later? Your guess is as good as mine on the consequences.

Mechanical factors

Mechanical factors include the problem that emanate from the vehicle itself.

Faulty vehicle:

The abundance of mechanically defective vehicles are common site. Many are considered to be death traps as they lack minimum safety standards. Brake failure, burst tyres, propeller and wheel pullout, ball joint/ shaft breakdown, etc are some mechanical devices that lead to hazard as accident due to human acts of omission or commission.

Poor maintenance:

The global economic issues that is affecting the quality of products in markets such that people now favour the use of sub-standard products like fairly use tyres, spare parts and vehicles. These coupled with overspending and reckless driving, negates the principles of safety when considered against the phenomenon of used vehicles.

Such vehicles and mostly commercial vehicles are kept in weak operational conditions while safety routing checks are compromised for the sake of cutting cost. This poor maintenance culture has led to many road crashes-related deaths as broken down vehicles do cause obstructions on the roads especially at night.

Environmental factors

The tropical climate is a challenge to road users in the tropical region of the world. Some other continents have their own environmental challenges like snow fall, fog, etc.

In some countries heavy torrential rainfall causes gully erosion while extreme sunshine also affects the roads networks negatively causing portholes and deadly black spots which constitute major cause of road accidents.

The weather conditions militating against road usage in terms of foggy, hazy, misty and heavy rainfall causes visibility issue and consequently accidents.

Causes of road accidents by a falling rock

Rocks falling from a nearby mountains.

Fallen tree blocking part or the entire road.

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