Causes of car fire

Causes Of Fire

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Causes of fire in this aspect is referring to car fire which are the various preventable mistakes drivers make majorly out of carelessness. The usual places automobile fire starts is from the engine compartment. However, it can also start from under the car, from the wheel region, sometimes from inside the car.

Various Causes Of Car Fire

  • Smoking and cigarette buts left carelessness in the car.
  • Leaking vehicle tanks and fuel hoses
  • Blowing car fuse
  • Storing fuel in vehicles and houses
  • Spilled oil on the engine
  • Spontaneous ignition
  • Over heating engine can spill out oil, ATF and other fluids which can cause fire.
  • Sparks from loose ends of throttle, handbrake cables and motorcycle stands
  • Improper or lack of vehicle maintenance
  • From the catalyst converter area along the car exhaust line.
  • Car accident. Those car fire caused by collision.

Classes Of Fire

Fire can be classified into four categories based on identification and extinguishing

Class A:

Class A type of fire involves burning material like textile, paper, etc. The best material to extinguish this type of fire is by the use of water

Class B:

Petrol, grease, paint, etc fall under this category of fire. These are flammable substances. To put off this type of fire. Liquid form extinguisher, dry chemical powder, dry sand and carbon-dioxide fire extinguisher are the best to used.

Class C:

This type of fire involves combustible gasses or liquified petroleum like butane and propane. To put off this type of fire. Dry chemical powder and carbon-dioxide fire extinguisher is best to used. Spray water can be used to cool down the temperature of the cylinder or tank.

Class D:

The class D fire involves metals example, potassium, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and so on. Dry chemical powder fire extinguisher or dry sand is good to extinguish this type of fire.

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