Causes of drowsy driving

Causes Of Drowsy Driving

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Causes of drowsy driving can be attributed to some certain things. Sleepy driving is against the traffic rules and regulations. Drivers who drive while exhibiting drowsiness shows the following

  • Slower reaction time
  • Reduced awareness
  • Blurred vision and judgment
  • Yawning consistently while driving
Causes of drowsy driving

The major causes of drowsy driving

  • Long distance driving without rest.
  • Drives when others are at sleep and through out the night
  • When a driver takes medication that includes drowsiness
  • When a driver drives a long distance alone
  • Engaging in excess work in the workplace. This has a greater risk of being involved in drowsy-related traffic crash
  • If the driver has an undiagnosed sleep disorder
  • Consumes alcohol
Glass alcohol with a car key

These are the major causes. But i bet that road traffic crashes will be reduced by 50%. Only If just half of these major causes can be corrected.

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