Categories of road users

Categories Of Road Users

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Categories of road users are the different kinds of road users one is expected to see on the road.

The Various Categories Of Road Users

The categories of road users are seven. They are; drivers, motorcyclist, tricyclist, cyclist, pedestrian, child and animals. Every category of road user must adhere to traffic rules and regulations. This is to ensure road users safety consciousness.


Who is a driver? A driver refers to the person that operates a motor vehicle. This type of road users are said to be protected.

A driver one of the categories of road users

Drivers responsibility

The responsibility of a driver includes

  • To ensure that vehicle is in good condition before setting out for a journey
  • Avoid alcohol/drugs or any intoxicants.
  • If the journey is long, the driver must stop and rest for every four hours.
  • Drivers must avoid fatigue. Don’t drive if you are tired.
  • To ensure that passengers fastened their seatbelts.


It refers to person that rides a motor powered vehicle. This is another exposed road users. Because they have little protection from traffic crashes.


Responsibility of motorcyclist

  • Motorcyclist must keep off from expressways or highways except power bikes
  • The motorcyclist are expected to wear safety helmet while riding a protective goggle or face shield.
  • Motorcyclist may quickly change position to avoid damage.
  • Air pressure of other vehicles can affect motorcyclist, take care.
  • Riders and pillions must avoid wearing flowing garments.


The person that rides a three wheeled motor vehicle is called a tricyclist.

Tricyclist is one of the categories of road users

Responsibility of tricyclist

  • The rider of a tricyclist must not meander in the traffic.
  • The rider must not share his seat with passenger
  • Avoid carrying over-sized objects
  • Must not compete with other vehicles moving on the road
  • Tricycles are not allowed to ply the expressway.

Pedal cyclist

The pedal cyclist refers to the person who rides a bicycle. The cyclist is one of the exposed road users.

A pedal cyclist is one of the categories of road users

Responsibilities of a cyclist

  • Avoid riding too close to a moving vehicle.
  • Where there is a bicycle path, use it.
  • The cyclist like every other road users must obey traffic rules and regulations.
  • Bicycles are not to be used on highways and expressways.
  • Bicycle riders are not expected to carry a passenger except if it is designed to do so.
  • Riders must wear cycle helmet while riding.


Pedestrians are exposed road users. They are mostly at risk compared to other road users. Drivers should excercise extra care to avoid knocking down the defenseless pedestrians.

  • Drivers should know that pedestrian crossings at intersection always have the right of way.
  • Pedestrian are to walk on the side of the road facing traffic.
Pedestrian are one of the categories of road users


A child can be regarded as any person who is not yet an adult. Other road users are expected to be very careful and watch out for children while using the roads.

One of the categories of road users is the child
  • Don’t carry children on your lap. The child may be crushed in between your body and dashboard in case of an accident.
  • Children above seven years of age should sit at the back seat of a vehicle facing the front and must be with their seatbelts.
  • Children of twelve years and below are not allowed to sit in the front seat.
  • While walking with a child, walk on the walkway at the extreme left facing oncoming vehicle.
  • Hold the child at your left.


Other road users should at all times watch out for animals crossing the road. While leading an animal on the road, walk on the left hand side of the road and keep it close to the road edge. While riding a horse, keep to the right side of the road.

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