Casualty handling rules and first aid

Casualty Handling Rules And First Aid

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Casualty handling rules and first aid refers to a guide on how to handle accident victims to avoid causing more damage. The bases for bringing up the rules in casualty handling is because the fate of the victim may depend on the type of the first aid given and the way and manner the victim was handled. However, the objective is to preserve life, prevent victims condition from worsening and promote recovery. However, First aid is the immediate medical treatment given to an accident victim before taking him or her to the nearest hospital.

Overview of first aid

  • Diagnose the victim
  • How did the accident occur
  • Find out the signs and symptoms
  • Treatment of the victim. That is to ascertain the type of treatment that should be given to the victim. A bleeding victim should not be given water or anything to drink.
  • Decide weather to take the victim home or hospital.
 Observing the Casualty handling rules and first aid on an accident victim

Casualty handling rules

  • First thing should be done first without causing panick to the victim otherwise you discourage the victim. Evacuate him out of danger by helping him with your weight lie him in a way to ensure breathing.
  • Care-givers should ensure they are doing the correct thing so as not to worsen the condition. Determine the nature of the injury to enable you categorize them.
  • Artificial respiration should be given if the breathing stops.
  • Remove anything that may worsen the victim condition without endangering yourself. Ensure that the vehicle battery is disconnected, open vehicle doors, etc
  • Bystanders should be engaged so they don’t disturbe you
  • Finally, think of how to get medical aid fast.

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