Car fire

Car Fire

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Car fire and domestic fire prevention are important lessons that every human being should have a better knowledge on the elementary principles. A car fire is a fire involving an automobile. Usually, starts from inside the engine compartment.It could be avoided or controlled only if certain simple precautions are observed so that the damage or loss associated with it could be reduced.

Car Fire definition

Fire is the effective combination of 3 basic substances; oxygen in the air, heat and fuel as in any combustible material resulting in the production of heat or light. Fire= oxygen + heat + fuel or chemical

Car fire

Fire extinguition

It is the different methods of extinguishing fire. Good to know that fire can easily be controlled at the initial stage not when it has reached an advanced level. Controlling fire is possible by knocking off one of the elements of fire, thus

Car fire extinguisher


This system of extinguishing fire is by eliminating of oxygen from the burning material. Thus making combustion impossible as there is no more oxygen. Fire can stopped by the use of foam vaporizing liquid, carbon-dioxide or dry chemical powder.


This system of extinguishing fire is by elimination of fuel or the combustible material from the vicinity of the fire thus making combustion impossible.


This system is simply by applying water to reduce the temperature of the burning material. Or by using chemical to extinguish the fire.

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