Car fire safety precautions

Car Fire Safety Precautions

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Car fire safety precautions are those safety measures taken to protect life and property in event of car fire occurence.

Important Car Fire Safety Precautions

  • Ensure that all car doors are easy to open from both inside and outside
  • Ensure that your car bonnet can be easily opened and closed
Car fire safety precautions checks
  • Always check the condition of your fire extinguisher every morning as you check your engine oil and water level. This is to ensure that you are not carrying an expired or empty fire extinguisher.
  • Always keep your fire extinguisher in a cool dry place, away from external manipulation and a place that can be easily reached by the driver
  • Ensure that the safety pin of the fire extinguisher is removed before use.
  • Always point the nozzle of the extinguisher at the base of the fire whenever fighting fire.
  • Ensure that the car ignition is off before fighting automobile fire.
  • Drivers should be at alert all the time and very observant. Particularly be able to perceive burning issue early enough.

What You Will Do In Event Of Fire

  • Park the car at a safe place fast
Car fire safety precautions involves parking at a safe place
  • Off the car ignition
  • Evacuate the occupants of the car
  • Ensure that nobody is close to the fire
  • Use your fire extinguisher if the fire is just starting not when it is at the advance stage.
  • Otherwise alert the nearest fire service upon thinking that the fire might spread
Fire fighters extinguishing a burning car at advance stage
  • Inform the Federal Road Safety Corps if the vehicle is affecting the free flow of traffic through 122 emergency number
  • Use every means possible to alert the on coming traffic before the arrival of FRSC personnel, police, etc.

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