Aggressive driving

Aggressive Driving

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Aggressive driving is a form of driving in which the driver deliberately behave with contempt towards other road users and drive in such a manner as to increase the risk of a crash

However, aggressive driving is not usually as a result of drugs or chemical ingestion, rather the person operating the vehicle.

Aggressive driving

Aggressive Driving Behaviour

  • Disobedience of road traffic rules and regulations
  • Unnecessary speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Frequent or sudden lane changes often without signaling
  • Driving on the shoulder of the road
  • Result to harrassment of other road users who do not get out of the way
  • Honking and flashing indiscriminately
  • Unnecessary revving the motor vehicle
  • Unnecessary reversing and incorrect signalling
  • Threatening or attempting to cause physical harm to other drivers
An aggressive driver threatening another
  • Involves driving recklessly
  • Impatience at intersections
  • Putting himself in a driving contest situation
  • Attempting to take things personally and seeking to retaliate against the other driver

What Is The Root Of Aggressive Driving

  • Traffic congestion
  • Not yielding to right-of-way
  • Running to meet up with late schedule
  • Track racing mentality
A car involved in a racing mentality while using the road

How To Respond In Aggressive Situations

  • Avoid contest situations especially on right-of-way
  • Avoid direct challenge to the aggressive driver by matching up speed or attempt to hold stubbornly to your position in your travel lane
  • Always be patient

How To Avoid Driving Aggressively

  • Start the journey well ahead of time to reach your destination on schedule
  • Know and adjust your schedule avoid driving during peak traffic congestion period
  • Call your destination ahead to make your situation known so that you can relax when running late
  • Avoid driving when angry, upset or tired
  • Relax and remain aware of your posture always
A relaxed female driver using the road
  • Make the vehicle comfortable and avoid situations that can raise anxiety
  • Sit back in your seat, loosen your grip on the steering wheel and do not clench your teeth
  • Be polite, courteous to and forgiving other road users
  • Control reactions to other people’s aggression
  • Do not retaliate
  • Do not claim right-of-way or indulge in any contest situation
  • Assume other drivers mistakes are not personal

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