Here Is The Reason For African Road Safety Charter

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African nations are deeply concerned by the abnormal increase in the rate of road crashes with most victims being pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists constituting largely young people and the cost of road traffic accident is very high. The result to a significant adverse socioeconomic impact on the continent. On 31st January, 2016 at the 26th ordinary session of the Assembly, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The African Union(AU) adopted the African Road Safety Charter. The charter serves as the policy framework for road Safety improvement in Africa. Also the charter was among other responses to the UN Resolution on Decade of action for Road safety. Also, the conference of African ministers had earlier in November 2011 in its second Ordinary Session in Launda, Angola adopted the African Action Plan for the Road Safety Decade of Action 2011- 2020. The 20th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council (AU, 2016) subsequently adopted it.

The charter recognizes the multifunctional dimension road Safety and the need for better and closer collaboration among the key stakeholders. The identified sector include transport, education, infrastructure, police, health and law enforcement. The goal of the charter is to enhance road Safety (improve road safety awareness) in Africa as the charter acknowledge the inordinate high rate of road Crashes in Africa.


The main objectives of the African Road Safety Charter are to

  1. Serve as a policy framework for Road Safety improvement in Africa.
  2. Serve as an advocacy tool and instrument for Road Safety improvement on the Continent aimed at facilitating the creation of an enabling environment to drastically reduce the road traffic crashes(A.U, 2016)


The specific objectives are to:
a) Facilitate the formulation of comprehensive Road Safety policies at country level;
b) Speed-up implementation of national, regional and continental Road Safety programs;
c) Contribute to the coordination of Road Safety in the Continent;
d) Remote better coordination of Development Partners in the Road Safety area;
e) Enhance Private sector, Civil Society Organisations, Non-Governmental
Organisations participation in Road Safety issues;
f) Promote the harmonization of the collection, treatment and dissemination of Road Safety data.

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